“Every day you get on a motorcycle there is a tiny part of you that wonders if it will be your last, but a much larger part that almost doesn’t care – because of what it has given you, how it has allowed you to live, what it has enabled you to see.”

The overlanding community is growing by the day.

Being out there and free, seeing this planet for what it really is, witnessing the beauty and diversity of the Earth’s peoples and geography, waking with a thirst for what the day may bring, is totally addictive.

When we first rode from Cairo to Cape Town in 1995 we used map and compass, had no GPS, no mobile phone and thought of a mouse as a small furry animal that eats cheese. How times change! Below are some links likely to lead you to  fellow travellers, either on the road or planning the next trip.

Good luck and ¡Buen Viaje!

The holy grail of motorcycle overlanding.

Anything you could possibly think of or want to know about motorcycle overlanding, you’ll find it here on Grant and Susan’s legendary website

Referred to as ‘Master Sahara’ by Lonely Planet this is Chris Scott’s informative and always current website.

Jim and Sheri spent 2 years overlanding through Africa in their Toyota Landcruiser. We met them in Brazzaville, Congo, before riding through Angola together. Having met us they’ve now ditched their 4x4 for a bike!

For the American perspective their website is well worth a look.

No, not a Jordan appreciation site but an invaluable source of information for all things related to the BMW flat twin motorcycles.

Check out their Technical Tips - priceless if that Haynes Manual has let you down once again.

Delves into the meaning and history of overlanding, with some great gear reviews and buying guides for those on 4 wheels rather than 2, also features some carefully chosen Blog overviews from around the world.

Well worth a peek.


For all you aspiring authors out there check this out